Its uses

This instance of my search engine searches music titles and their author names. Other instances searches phone books and address lists. It is very well suited for phone book searches and cleaning of faulty addresses and databases.

What it does

Guessing how a name is spelled after hearing it, is often an impossible task. It is even more difficult when it was heard through a bad phone line, shouted through a noisy party, or read from some nearly indecipherable notes.

The same goes for any text, though names are typically the most difficult, especially if they are in an unfamiliar language.

How it does it

I made the search engine to solve this problem. It corrects probabilistically. It knows which letters sound similar, and how similar they actually sound. Same goes for letters that look similar, and for letters sitting close together on small phone keyboards. etc.

Doing similar stuff

I also have similar systems for correcting numbers and codes, like those on packages and bills. I also make codes that are extra tough against errors. One such code system corrects any single error, and almost all double errors as well, including both missing and extra digits, and discovers 99.999% of all errors. They are also compatible with existing error detection schemes, and have adjustable toughness.

If I get the time, I have plans for similar search among images.

Bying it

I sell these search services. I can be reached by email, as shown below, or by phone +47 9001 4425.

Kim yhus, M.Sc. Physics
Company: yhus Information Technology.